About the Guild

Hi all! We are the Sheffield Assassins Guild, a society of the University of Sheffield Students Union based on games of mock assassination!

So what do we do?

Several times through the year we will be running events for all our members to take part in. These games vary but generally you’ll be given a target, who you need to hunt down and make feel the wrath of your toy gun or wooden spoon (or other pretend weapon).

Other than this we run various socials, for example roller blading and laser tag. One that we run relatively regularly is Mini-games. For these we tend to show up at a park, armed to the teeth with foam swords and nerf guns, and play various games that involve lots of running around shooting each other.

Sound good? Want to join?

Well, we have a weekly meet up (during university semester times), starting with a committee meeting at 8 in the Octagon. This is followed by a trip to one of our favourite pubs, Harrisons, just off of West Street, where you will find reasonably priced drinks and good company! Membership is a measly £3 a year (the minimum the union will let us charge) so come along and join the fun!