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The Next Game – Necromancy! Plus bonus minigames!

Our next game is going to be necromancy! Necromancy is a great game where you can create teams and try to recruit your fellow assassins by killing them. At the end either the last team standing, or the largest team wins.

If you wish to take part please make sure you have read our general rules, the necromancy rules, and be a fully paid member who has signed the charter. Please email Fred Gill (our secretary).

This will take place starting on Monday 2nd running through to Saturday 7th April. That’s next week! After the game we shall be going for one of our highly anticipated fancy dress bar crawls! The theme is comic books, so come as your favourite superhero, villain or, if you are feeling particularly creative make your own superhero. For this we will be meeting at 20:30 at Bar One on the Saturday. This will lead to Pop Tarts – the society will be selling tickets so let us know if you want one!

In addition, this Sunday (1st May) we will be running minigames. Come along for a day of shooting your assassin friends with nerf guns and foam swords in a park. It’s always good fun! We’llĀ  be meeting at 13:00 at Coffee Revolution in the union. Be sure to turn up promptly so we can set off on time and maximise the amount of foamy murder.

Your new committtee!

On Tuesday your new committee was elected! Thank you for trusting us with taking the guild forward, we won’t let you down.

Anyway, I won’t delay any further in introducing you to them.


So, going from left to right we have:

  • Matthew Smalley – Rulesmaster
  • Jon Crossley – Publicity officer
  • Fred Gill – Secretary
  • Dan Whitehead – Armourer
  • Jo Conway – President
  • Matthew Frian – Social sec
  • Fionn McGurl – Inclusions officer
  • Adam Petterson – Webmaster
  • Matthew Rowland – Treasurer

So thanks all for coming, voting and running. If you ever need to contact us for anything be sure to head over to the committee page where there are emails for all of us, and as soon as I get pictures and bios for everyone I’ll get it updated.

Thanks guys!
Adam Petterson, Webmaster

AGM tonight!

Tonight is the night of the AGM!

It’s happening in lecture theatre 5 in the Diamond, so come along and elect your new committee.

The nominees are:

For President:

  • Jo Conway

For Secretary:

  • Fred Gill

For Treasurer:

  • Matthew Rowland
  • Sarah Barrett

For Inclusions:

  • Fionn McGurl.

For Rulesmaster:

  • Matthew Smalley
  • Rebecca Campbell

For Social Secretary:

  • Chloe Evans & Lucy Mottram (JOINT)
  • David Hannon & Matthew Rowland (JOINT)
  • Matthew Frain.

For Publicity Officer:

  • Jack Parker
  • Jon Crossley
  • Matthew Frain
  • Rebecca Campbell

For Armourer:

  • Dan Whitehead
  • Jack Parker
  • Matthew Rowland

For Webmaster:

  • Adam Petterson

We hope to see as many people as possible there!