Battle Royale (game rules)

Welcome, Assassin, to the Battle Royale. The Guild’s grand tournament, in which you will be required to display a number of skills in tournament format, proving yourself the best out of your peers, in order to move on to the next stage.

Those who fall behind emerge again, into the Scrap, for another chance to reclaim their glory…or sink forever into obscurity. By forever, I mean for the remainder of the fortnight.

Those who continue to gain glory will move on to the later stages of the game, anxious to gain the ultimate prize…of whatever the Umpire can pick up for a few quid.

What could be more exciting?

-Matt Smalley, Rulesmaster

Battle Royale is a tournament-style game in which players are divided into Pods, normally of four to six players. Players cannot normally interact with players outside their Pod, but will attempt to kill the other players within their Pod, and will normally receive the briefing files of all other players in their Pod.

The Umpire will stipulate a number of players who may survive from each Pod – once there is only that number of players surviving in a Pod, gameplay in that Pod is suspended. After a set period of time, a certain number of surviving players from each Pod will proceed to the next Stage.

The Umpire, in addition to stipulating the number of “winners” from each Pod and the length of each stage, may choose to apply special rules to a particular Stage, or to individual Pods. Examples of such rules could be:

  • Only melee weapons may be made.

  • All areas are considered Yellow (high-profile kills may not be made).

  • Only indirect kills may be made.

  • Players may only make a certain number of kill attempts per day.

The players in the next Stage will once again be divided into Pods, and the tournament proceeds in this fashion. The details of each Pod – the number of players who may proceed from each, and any special rules which may apply in a Pod – are decided by the Umpire.

The game is designed to proceed over the normal two-week period. The final Stage of the game consists of only one Pod, from each an overall winner will emerge.

Players in a Pod who are killed are resurrected in the Scrap, and may compete for kills with other players in the Scrap in the normal fashion. Players in the Scrap receive the briefing files of all other players in the Scrap. A certain number of players who have made the most kills will be resurrected in the game’s next Stage when the Stage changes, subject to the Umpire’s sole discretion.

A player killed in the Scrap has their kill count ‘reset’, that is, is considered not to have made any kills in the Scrap, and is out of the game for the rest of the day. At midnight, the player may make kills again, and again attempt to fight their way out of the Scrap.

Points are not usually awarded in Pods (instead, simply the surviving players proceed to the next round), but the Umpire may use points as part of a special rule. In the Scrap, simply the number of kills is recorded.

Players may kill members within the same Pod. Players in the Scrap may kill other players in the Scrap.

The Zombie Police does not function in this game. Players may become Wanted in the normal way; Wanted players may be killed even by players not in their Pod. Wanted players in the Scrap may be killed by players not in the Scrap. The bearing rule does not apply in this game.