Necrcomancy (game rules)

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I. The Scenario

In the decaying necropolis once known as Sheffield, the living have fallen. This was once a bright and noble place. Theatre. Snooker. Hills. Trees. But now the dead are restless, shambling through the streets as greedy necromancers and powerful undead vie for control of this broken city. Corruption and betrayal are endemic. The trams lie silent and broken. The plants and flowers of the Peace Gardens lie withered. The Devonshire Green is a hellish land of suffering and death. Corporation remains basically the same.

But you are not powerless. Dark magic have you learned, and skill with weapon you possess. Unfortunately, survival will require more than just swordplay, sorcery, and a good pair of Corp shoes. A single individual stands no chance in the battles that are to come. Only a legion of lost souls, guided by a single malevolent will, can hope to emerge victorious from this blackest of nights.

Your will.

– A rejected leaflet from the Sheffield Tourism Board.

II. The Rules

  • Necromancy is a game for a moderate number of players, and is designed to be played over either one or two weeks. All rules not listed here are assumed to be unchanged from the main “Circle of Death” ruleset.
  • When a player registers for this game, they shall submit a pseudonym as normal in their briefing file. Players shall also choose a Clan Name. The Clan Name refers to the overarching team to which you will aim to recruit other players by killing them.
  • At the beginning of the game, each player will receive the briefing file of each other player participating in the game, but the Clan Name of each player will be removed beforehand along with their e-mail address.
  • Everyone dies, but death is rarely the end. Should a player be slain in accordance with the normal rules, they will resurrect at midnight of that day as a thrall of the player that killed them. Their Clan Name will then change accordingly to reflect their new allegiance, and they are permitted to co-operate with their new teammates in attacking future targets. Players can respawn any number of times, and thus may change loyalties repeatedly over the course of the game.
  • Players are entitled to ask for the Clan Name of other participating assassins before attacking them. If you are asked for your allegiance, you must declare it truthfully. This is in addition to the normal rules concerning your vital status as an assassin.
  • Players are expected to be loyal to whichever master they currently serve. It is not acceptable to deliberately arrange your death in order to switch teams. If attacked, you must make every effort to defend yourself. Failure to do this will be considered a violation of the spirit of the game, and will be punished accordingly.
  • Should a player accidentally kill a member of their own team, the dead player shall respawn at midnight as normal with no other effects. Players who repeatedly kill their own teammates may be penalised for disloyalty and/or receive a suitably amusing award at the game’s conclusion.
  • The dead fear you, not the other way around. The Zombie Police Department do not feature in this game. Rules violations may therefore attract other suitable penalties such as temporary restrictions on gameplay.
  • There are no points in this game- the last surviving team wins. Should the time limit expire with multiple teams still active, the team with the greatest number of players wins. Should multiple teams have an equal number of players when the time limit expires, the Umpire will select an appropriately violent mechanism in order to break the deadlock. The Umpire will still seek to reward meritorious conduct with prizes.