The Committee

The committee exist to keep the Assassins Guild moving forward and running games. If you wish to talk to any of them do not hesitate to email them at or email one of them individually at the addresses below.

The President – Jo Conway –

The president is responsible for keeping everything running in the society, and also act as the face of the society. Most meetings will be chaired by the sitting president and the majority of interaction with outside groups is handled by the president.

Jo is a third year Medical Student and has been President of the Sheffield Assassin’s Guild since April 2015. Her long history in the Guild started before she even came to university, after securing an offer in the January before. As they say, the early bird gets the kill. Oh, and her favourite cake is a Bakewell tart.

The Secretary – Fred Gill –

The Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of meetings, monitoring the societies emails and booking any spaces that the guild may need. They also act as a second in command to the president, and in the event the president has to step down will take over the position.

Fred is a second Year Maths Student and he is in his second term as Guild Secretary. Though he may not be the best living player, he makes up for it as a zombie, efficiently killing wanted players with his trusty sword ‘Curiosity’. He has also made it his sole aim for assassins to infiltrate the Union. That’s why you will most likely see him in and around the Union or at various meetings waiting for his moment to strike.

The Treasurer – Matthew Rowland –

The treasurer is responsible for looking after the funds of the guild, and is responsible for attempting to secure funding for the guild’s activities and equipment.

Matthew is a first year physics student. He has been a member of the guild since October 2015 and won the Master Assassin award for 2015-2016. He has a black belt in karate and likes peanut butter.

The Inclusions Officer – Fionn McGurl –

The inclusions officer is responsible for making sure that none of our members ever feel excluded or bullied. While the role is often joked about it’s a very important position, and they are here to help everyone. If you ever have a concern, whether it’s about you or someone else, don’t hesitate to send them an email. You don’t have to put your name on it but we like to know our members are happy and getting the most they can from the guild.

Fionn has been a member of the guild for 3 years now and, as well as endeavouring to be as inclusive as possible, will attempt to murder everyone in the guild with his monstrosity the buster sword. Feel free to get in touch with him by any means available if you feel in any way uncomfortable in the guild.

The Armourer – Dan Whitehead –

The armourer is responsible for looking after and lending out the various weapons of the guild, from tiny Nerf jolts and foam swords to ridiculously proportioned firearms they cater for your needs of foamy justice!

Dan studies Automatic Control and Systems Engineering in his spare time, but his two year history with the guild has shown he is far more likely to be found messing around with Nerf guns. If you ever have an issue with weapons, shoot him an email. Dan firmly believes you don’t need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets!

The Rulesmaster – Matthew Smalley –

The rulesmaster is here to make sure games are run as smoothly as possible. From appointing the umpire for games to helping to deal with disputes this is a crucial role in the running of the guild. They are here to ensure that the games are fun and fair for everybody.

Matt is the committee’s token adult (though Adam takes offence at this). He is an English graduate who plays long video games he frequently fails to finish, thinks pubs are tragically underrated, and enjoys arguing about niggling points of procedure. While this last attribute has proved singularly unsuccessful in impressing women in bars, it helps a great deal in Matt’s job as Rulesmaster, so if you have any questions about the Guild’s Rulebook, or if you’re interested in serving as an Officer of the Game, drop him a line.

The Webmaster – Adam Petterson –

The webmaster is responsible for keeping the site running and fixing any bugs that come up. They are also responsible for running the email accounts that you have listed on this page, and generally any other technical needs of the society.

Adam is a PhD student who first joined the guild back as a first year undergraduate in 2010. He spent a year after graduating working as a web application developer in Manchester, before missing Sheffield too much and moving back. He is responsible for the site you are currently building so if you find any issues, from bugs to spelling mistakes drop him an email (especially if you are an iOS user because he has no iOS devices to test on) and he’ll get to it as soon as he can.

The Social Secretary – Matthew Frain –

The job of the social secretary is to arrange all the socials the society runs, from mini-games to pub crawls to roller blading. They are responsible for making sure there is always something coming up to look forward to. If you have an idea for a social the society could run feel free to drop them an email!

Matthew Frain is a second year ACSE student, but his main concern is running our many socials. Whether your targets are avid pub goers, ice skaters or nerf hungry warriors there’s bound to be the perfect event for you to do some intel-gathering, and have some fun yourself. If you want to have your say on what is arranged look for the survey online or Matthew is always easily approachable with new ideas.

The Publicity Officer – Jon Crossley –

The publicity officer is responsible for making sure everyone knows about the upcoming games and events.

Jon is a fourth year civil engineering student. He joined in September 2012 and has been an active member ever since, holding committee positions since 2014. In his free time he can usually be found complaining, sleeping or playing board games.