Upcoming events!

Hi guys!
Just a short note from your fabulous President about what you should be getting excited for in the next week or so.
Firstly, if you’re joining the guild for the first time this year, welcome! It’s so good to have you on board. You’ve made a fantastic choice in taking up an unusual, but super-fun hobby at uni. I can’t wait to meet you properly and introduce you to the lovely Assassins family!
If you’re returning, as always, it’s an absolute pleasure to have you back for another year of madness. I hope you enjoy this year, we have bigger and better plans than ever before!
So, here are the things to look out for:
  • Activities Fayre – 22nd September, 11-5. We’re just outside Coffee Revolution. This is your first chance to sign up this year and get a coveted low number! A full membership now also grants you access to our GIAG/Minigames.
  • GIAG – 24th September, 1pm. Meet inside Coffee Revolution. This are our BIGGEST minigames of the year! We’ve been working on some new, exciting game types to keep things fresh. Time to dust of those Nerf Guns for 2 hours of games in Weston Park.
  • First meeting – 27th September, 8pm, Hicks Building Lecture Theatre 1. This meeting is your big welcome to the guild! Come along, compete in our prestigious Champions Challenge duel and then join us at the Common Room for some pool and a few drinks! This is also another chance to sign for our first game, Circle of Death. Details to follow shortly.
So, come along, join the guild and prepare yourself for some SERIOUS fun! Can’t wait to see you,
Jo x